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Judy Goodman: 2013 Show

Taking Liberties Bending the Rules

With Donna Cochran and Joanie Paterson
Artcraft Showcase Salt Spring Island 2013

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In Taking Liberties Bending the Rules, I wanted to play with suggesting the human form and also respond to the vibrant colours in Joanie Paterson's paintings.

Joanie painted a base while she was in Mexico and I wove an open oval basket rising up from the base. It was so bright, that it was easy to name it Fiesta.

Fiesta, 2013 Basketry show on SSI featuring Joanie Patersons painted base and Judy Goodmans woven basket

I tried some human shapes with explicit "heads" like The White Queen and Deerly Beloved.

Taking Liberties Bending the Rules, basketry show on Salt Spring Island in 2013, work by Judy Goodman titled The White Queen
The White Queen

Deerly Beloved basketry sclulpture by Judy Goodman shown at the Taking Liberties Bending the Rules show at Artcraft in 2013
Deerly Beloved

I am less happy with how these turned out than with the suggesting human shape pieces like Strapless and Torso in Blue.

Judy Goodman basket named Strapless

Torso in Blue basketry sculpture by Judy Goodman
Torso in Blue

I am not finished with the whole human shape exploration - still working on that series.

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Salt Spring Island Driftwood Review

'Liberties' Produce Fine results

By Elizabeth Nolan As published in the Driftwood on August 7, 2013

Taking Liberties: Bending the Rules is the title behind the latest Showcase exhibition at ArtCraft, and visitors will enjoy seeing how each of the three participants pushed her personal creative limits.

Basketry guild members Donna Cochran and Judy Goodman are joined by painter Joanie Paterson for this show, with colourful and intriguing twists on an ancient craft backed by equally innovative acrylic works.

Cochran's work has a strong local element in that she often uses source materials that she grows herself, such as different vines and gourds. Found elements also make an appearance and tend to showcase her strong sense of humour, such as the delightful Stepping Out Series, in which pairs of up-cycled rubber garden boots become one beautiful basket each with wire and vine woven through wide strips at their tops. Serving Spoons is another group of work that is simultaneously beautiful and delightfully silly, with curved platters in silvery grey woven over ribs of polished cutlery.

Cochran's Button Button series features fun candy-drop pots made of heavy coloured paper with wire and bead ornamentation.

Wishful Thinking has a lovely herringbone type pattern in moss green, cream and brown zigzags. The pattern is picked up by an ornamentation of actual chicken wish bones that circles around a band of brown at the top. Looking inside, the base is revealed as a beautiful starburst of open work before the tight bands of reed set in.

On the more serious side of basketry but still with playful elements, Cochran's Nest Eggs are loosely woven coracles in natural, brown or dark green, each with a tightly woven sphere in a contrasting shades nesting inside. A large cradle-like basket shows her skill in combining many different materials and textures within one piece, with horizontal stripes of colour set against three lengths of corkscrew hazelnut, giving the stable structure a wild dynamic.

Goodman took advantage of the group show to send her art in new directions, with cues from Paterson's colour palette and non-uniform shapes inspired by found elements. Deerly Beloved makes use of a tiny deer skull and vertebrae for the topper on an inverted vessel with a wide open base. Braids of sea grass and bands of cedar woven into the tight reed body break up the solid texture, as does a prickly fringe of stick ends in a centre band.

Unto Thine painting by Joanie Paterson from the Taking Liberties show in August of 2013
Unto Thine, by Joanie Paterson
The White Queen is another inverted shape, the natural reed form rising to suggest a loosely organic chess piece topped with an ironwood crown. The work is interesting for its subtle bends and larger bulges, and for its latent human identity. Unusual bends and curves can also be seen in Goodman's Torso in Blue, and Curved Space, which takes its form from a chunk of found wood at its base.

Paterson's paintings are vividly colourful and intensely layered, with elements of abstract and representational art. Great passion and moments of whimsy can be glimpsed in her expressive strokes, which may suggest a great flower garden teeming with life in Journey of the Heart, or a fairy tale world with equal capacity for darkness and adventure in Enough Lola.

Unto Thine is a more subtle work, with a multitude of abstract forms suggesting a dense crowd of people, perhaps found in a Middle Eastern marketplace. Although the people are created by no more than rounded shoulders under long cloaks and peach “faces” without features, there is a real feeling of movement, purpose and activity.

The Taking Liberties showcase will continue on the ArtCraft stage to Aug. 22. The show is open daily at Mahon Hall from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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