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Judy Goodman: Patterns, Weaves and Colour

Weaving Patterns

The baskets illustrated are four rod wale with packed areas.

I like the weaving technique called waling and three, four and five rod wale interest me in making patterns.

basket design with patterns

Battle with Colour

I find colour difficult partly because weaving is row by row which makes the colour change abrupt. I find I can't get the shaded effect I would like. I've tried random staining of reed, dying reed in different shades but mostly I don't like the effect. I go back to the browns found in nature or black/gray and natural combinations.

I wanted a brightly coloured basket but to me, the blue, green, fushia and natural basket has too little contrast in colour between the blue and the green and too much contrast between the fushia and natural. In the dark gray and natural basket, the contrast works a lot better. And the pattern of the weaving is enhanced by the colours.

In the show Taking Liberties Bending the Rules, I went for vivid colour in a lot of the pieces reflecting the paintings that shared this show. I think I am winning the battle some of the time anyway. You can't get gradual shadings as you can in painting or watercolour but you can get "blobs" or ovals of colour by weaving partial rows of a different colour to create a raised contour.

basket design with colour

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