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Judy Goodman: Baskets

Rib Baskets - Wicker Baskets - Random Baskets

Rib Baskets

Rib or frame baskets are common in many cultures. They are the "workhorses" of the basket world from egg baskets for eggs or hens to large skips for potatoes. Rib baskets are different from other baskets in that they start with the skeleton or ribs defined at the beginning.

Rib baskets were the first basket that I wanted to make. I love the versatility and the shapes you make. They seem to lend themselves to natural and found materials

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Rib basket designed and woven by Judy Goodman

Wicker baskets

Wicker basketry covers a wide variety of techniques for making baskets usually of round materials like reed or grasses. The word wicker comes from the Anglosaxon word wican which means to bend and the Swedish word viker which means willow twig or stick. The usual interpretation is any round or flexible material woven over more rigid spokes.

Commercial reed is so easy to use - bends, it is always the same size so the patterns work out, lends itself to complex weaving and patterning.

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wicker basket by Judy Goodman basket maker on Salt Spring Island

Random baskets

Random baskets are freeform without defined spokes, bases,or sidewalls. Weavers are interwoven irregularly until the shape is defined and the walls are strong and textured.

Why do I have only two images? Well, I have some that ended up in the kindling pile. This one is honeysuckle that I harvested near where I live with seagrass. Vines that grow here do not have a lot of flexibility and the challenge is getting curves.

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random basket by Judy Goodman

Rib Baskets - Wicker Baskets - Random Baskets

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